Painting Fake Wood Cabinets: Best Way To Paint

Best Way To Paint Fake Wood Cabinets

Preparing The Cabinets

  1. Cover: First cover all the area around the cabinet with a drop cloth, this is very important to protect the area from spills.
  2. Remove: Now if possible remove the cabinet doors, it will help to paint the cabinet easily and will also protect the other area from the drips. Before removing the doors or drawers it is very important to label them to their respective places. Remove all the hardware as well like handles, knobs, or hinges.
  3. Wipe: The next step is to prepare the cabinets by wiping with the cleaning solvent to remove any grease and grime. One of the best cleaning solutions that the user can use is trisodium phosphate (TSP) before painting. This will not only grime but will also remove the glossy finish this will help the paint to stick the surface.
  4. Sanding: The next important step is to sand the cabinet which will create a rough surface and the paint will adhere to the surface better, Sand the area with sandpaper between 150 and 220 grit paper.

Painting The Cabinets

  1. Primer: With the help of the roller apply the bonding primer atleast one coat. The bonding primer such as oil-based creates the best base for the paint, besides that also prevents the paint from chipping. Let the primer to dry completely.
  2. Paint: Once the primer is dry, then apply the first thin coat of the paint with the help of the roller. In order to saturate the roller in a better way, simply pour the paint in the tray and dip the roller. Dont apply the thick coat apply 2 or 3 thin coats. Allow the coats to dry in between.
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