Painting Bathroom Vanity Countertop: Best Way To Paint

Best Way To Paint Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Painting Bathroom vanity countertop is very important and it is not a difficult task. The user simply needs to follow certain steps which are mentioned below:
  1. Caulking: The first step is to remove any caulking around the countertop with the help of the knife, but be very careful not gouge the drywall.
  2. Faucet: After that remove the faucet, after that use the paper towel or something to cover the Faucet holes, so that the paint will not go inside the holes.
  3. Drain Pipe: The next step is to cover the drain pipe hole with a baggie and secure with the bands, this will help to prevent the sewer gas from coming in the room.
  4. Sanding: Now the step is to start the Light sanding the countertop. It is better to start with 150 grit then move over to 220 grit.
  5. Drop Cloth: If the user is using the spray paint than it is very important to lay a drop cloth on the work area as well as tape up on places where the user don't want to paint.
  6. Wipe: Once the sanding is done then wipe the area with the paint thinner, in order to make sure that area is fully clean before heading towards the paint.
  7. Primer: The next step is to spray the primer on the area, the primer will help the paint to bond effectively to the surface. Let the primer dry completely.
  8. Spray Paint: Before applying the paint it is very important to shake the can very well, now start spraying the paint from the back end and move slowly to the front side. Apply the two coats of the paint and once the first coat is dry then go for the second coat.
  9. Clear Coat: The last important step is to apply the clear coat finish of the Polyurethane.
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