Painting Aluminum Patio Furniture: Steps To Paint Cast & Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Chairs

Steps For Painting Aluminum Patio/Garden Furniture/Chairs

  1. Remove: Begin with removing all plastic parts, cushions and accessories before starting the painting.
  2. Prepare The Space: It is better to take the furniture to the safe area where it will not damage surroundings if it's not possible then cover the ground with the newspapers or cloth.
  3. Wash: Now wash the furniture with a metal sponge and mild detergent. This process will help to remove any debris, loosen paint and overcoating and will also make the surface smooth enough to accept the new paint without bubbling.
  4. Detergent: Now wash the furniture again with detergent, use a brush to remove any loose paint.
  5. Paint: Once the washing is completed, now its time to paint the furniture with brush or spray, for the small piece spray is the best option and for the large parts painting with the brush is a good option.
  6. Second Coat: Let the first coat dry before going for the second coat, if the lot of paint is removed and base color is dark then second coat is very important.
  7. Dry: Now dry the furniture in an area that is protected from strong winds and rain, as Such conditions will make flying debris stick to the wet paint.

Painting Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

  1. Clean: First of all clean away any slimy or greasy areas of the cast aluminum with a chemical degreaser.
  2. Pressure Washer: Clean the cast aluminum thoroughly using a pressure washer, if the aluminum is thin then it could easily damage it by forceful water pressure.
  3. Zinc Chromate-based Primer: Now apply the Zinc Chromate-based Primer to the cast aluminum with a oil-based paintbrush let the the primer dry for at least two hours.
  4. Paint: Once the primer is completely dried then Apply oil-based paint to the cast aluminum and Allow the paint to dry and then Apply additional coats as necessary.

Painting Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture

  1. Chemical Stripper: Use a chemical stripper to clean the furniture.
  2. Sand: Sand the surface of the bare metal in case the powder is left intact.
  3. Primer: Apply a high-quality primer using spray paint and let it dry.
  4. Paint: Apply a high-quality paint using a sprayer,
  5. Dry: Allow the paint to fully dry which can take upto 2 to 3 weeks.
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