Padauk Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

General Overview

The padauk comes from Africa and the botanical name of padauk is Pterocarpus Soyauxii and the other name of paduak wood is Barwood, Corai, and camwood. The rank of padauk wood in Janka hardness is 1970. The padauk wood has an oily texture, coarse and is exceptionally heavy. The texture of padauk wood is similar to African mahogany. The user can easily use nails, screws, and machines on padauk wood. So, if the user wants to purchase a set of furniture then padauk wood furniture is the best choice.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Paduak Wood


  1. Color: The padauk wood comes in different colors like pale pinkish orange or deep brownish red.
  2. Grain/Texture: The grain of paduak wood is mostly straight, but sometimes it might be interlocked With a coarse, good natural luster and open texture.
  3. Rot Resistance: The padauk wood is famous for resistant against insects and termites.


  1. Odor: The paduak will release scent during the cutting process of the wood.
  2. Allergies/Toxicity: The user may feel some allergies while working with paduak wood include skin, eye, and respiratory irritation.
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