Orbital Floor Sander Vs Drum Sander: Comparison & Benefits

Comparison & Benefits Between Orbital Sander and Drum Sander

The electric sander makes the sanding work easier. There are many types of electric sanders available in the market like the orbital sander and the drum sander. The comparison & benefits between both the types of sanders are mentioned below:

Orbital Floor Sander

  1. Removing Layers: The orbital floor sander works best for removing the top coats of finish.
  2. Suitable: This type of sander is also suitable for the beginner and is easy to use when using for the first time.
  3. Damage: It is likely that this type of sander does not cause any hard damage.
  4. Cost: The orbital sander is much cheaper than a drum sander and is also very lightwieghted.
  5. Time: The orbital sander Can take hours to complete the work due to the fact that it has a small size of motor in it.
  6. Dust: Orbital sander can Causes a lot of dust.

Drum Sander

  1. Removing Layers: The drum sander can remove any type of finish and remove imperfections easily.
  2. Damage: Drum sander can do the irreparable damage.
  3. Time: The drum sander can complete the work faster than an orbital sander.
  4. Cost: The drum sander is more costly then the orbital sander.
  5. Dust: Drum sander Produces less dust.
  6. Working Area: The drum sander Cannot work in narrow spaces and in corners.
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