Opentable Mat: Corporate Office, Garner IA

Phone Numbers Of The OpenTable Mat

Corporate Office
+49 (0) 69 130 14 87 0

Garner IA
+1 641-923-3099

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday: 6.00 AM to 2.00 PM
Saturday to Sunday: 7.00 AM to 2.00 PM

Are There Cancellation Fees For No-show Reservations?

If the reservation requires a credit card you will see the message like "A Credit card is required to book a reservation in this restaurant" then this restaurant has the right to charge a cancellation fee according to the cancellation policy of the company, but online cancellation will be accepted only two days prior to reservation. If the restaurant has provided you with the specific cancellation policy then it will be stated in a message. If you are worried that the restaurant may charge your cancellation according to its cancellation policy then you must contact them directly.

Why Was My Reservation Cancelled?
If you have not cancelled your reservation but you have received an email Cancellation notice, this clearly means that the restaurant has cancelled your reservation without your consent. This could have been done with full intention or maybe n intentionally, For further assistance regarding the cancellation of your reservation you must contact the higher authority of the restaurant.
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