Olive Oil On Wood Floors: Steps To Remove Olive Oil

How To Get Olive Oil Off Of A wood Floor

The users can easily get olive oil off from the wood floor by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Use The Paper Towels: Start by placing the paper towel over the oil spilled area on the wood floor and then they have to apply the gentle pressure on the paper towels to soak up as much as possible oil from the wood floor.
  2. Make A Solution: Make a solution of the vinegar, dish soap and the hot water in a large bucket. They have to continuously stir the solution until the soap and the vinegar is completely dissolved in hot water. The soap and the vinegar will help in completely removing the olive spills from the wood floor.
  3. Use The Soaked Paper Towels: After that, they have to use the paper towels and soak it in the vinegar and soap solution. Then they have to place the soaked paper towels over the olive oil spilled area on the wooden floor and they have to keep on rubbing the paper towel until the olive oil is completely removed from the wood floor.
  4. Clean The Floor: Clean the wood floor with another soft paper towels soaked in the clean water to remove all the remaining soap and vinegar residue from the wood floor. Then they have to let the wood floor to dry completely before walking over the floor accordingly.
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