Oil Wood Floors Maintenance: Tips To Maintain Oil Finished Hardwood Floors

Tips To Maintain Oil Finished Hardwood Floors

Oil finish on wood floors provides a beautiful and elegant look on the floors. The wood floor surface absorbs the oil finish. The tips are mentioned below to maintain the oil wood floors:
  1. Regular Cleaning: The oil wood floors can be maintained by regularly cleaning the oil wood floor by using a special cleaning product. Oil refreshers can be used to clean the oil wood floor and re-oil the surface. It dries in two hours and can be applied monthly on the wood floor surface.
  2. Repairing Scratches Or Stains: The master oil product is manufactured for oil wood floors that absorb the scratches and make them disappear. Spot remover is sprayed on the stain and allowed to sit on the stain for about 20 minutes. Then clean the surface with a wet cloth and apply oil on the floor surface.
  3. Protect The Floor Surface: The oiled floor surface can be protected by covering the outside of the floor surface with mats, rugs, etc.
  4. No Adhesive Product: Do not use any adhesive product or tape on the oiled wood floor surface.
  5. Wipe Spills Quickly: The oil finish on the wood floors protect it from moisture. So any liquid spilled on the floor surface needs to be cleared as soon as possible to protect the wood floor from damage.
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