Oil Finished Wood Floors Pros And Cons: Advantages & Disadvantages

Pros And Cons Of Oil Finished Wood Floors


The advantages of oil finished wood floors are as follows:
  1. Easy To Repair: If the oiled floor gets damaged it is easy to repair it. Scratches can be removed from the floor by sanding the scratched area with sandpaper and then applying oil on the sanded area of the floor.
  2. Suitable For High Traffic Areas: Oil finished wood floors are best suitable for the rooms where the traffic is high like kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Matte And Satin Finish: When oil and wax is applied on the wood floor it provides a matte or satin finish.


The disadvantages of the oil finished wood floors are given below:
  1. High Maintenance Cost: The oil finished floors need high maintenance and care. These floors need to be cleaned every month.
  2. Special Cleaning Products: The oil finished floors cannot be cleaned with the local cleaning products. Special cleaning products are recommended to clean and protect the oil finished wood floor.
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