Office Furniture With Adjustable Desk: Standing And Sit-Stand

Adjustable Desk refers to a type of desk which has various height adjusting positions which means the customer can adjust the height of the desk according to its requirements. Mostly adjustable desks are used for office purposes and there are a number of designs and products available in the market in such category.

Office Furniture Standing Desk and Sit-Stand Desk

Standing Desk
This standing desk is made of 1.75" thick top surface which is handcrafted. It is designed in a way so that it will be resistant to warping & cracking. It contains three adjustable frames and can be adjusted 33% faster than other adjustable desks. It also has a dual motor frame and comes with a 7-year standard warranty. The customer can also customize this desk by selecting the top surface they want on their product by making a choice out of premium walnut, natural ash, Acacia, and many other surfaces.

Sit-Stand Desk
This desk contains 3mm white and 30mm rounded corners PVC edge banding and with adjustments from 24.4" to 50". It also has three frames of adjustments and can be adjusted 33% faster than normal. Also, it has Dual motors with which it becomes stronger, quieter, and safer while adjustment. It is available in different dimensions such as 48" x 30 ", 60" x 30", 72" x 30", and in many other sizes.
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