Office Chair Wobbly: Reasons And Easy Way To Fix The Wobbly Chair

Reasons And Easy Way To Fix The Wobbly Chair


There are a number of reasons that are responsible for the wobbling of the chair and these reasons are mentioned below:
  1. Age: With the span of time the wood shrinks which results in weakening of the joints.
  2. General Usage: In this case chairs are used more frequently, as most of the office chairs are very light in weight and the user's weight is not static, as the user moves around on the chair this automatically weakens the chair and makes the joints loose. As a result, the chair becomes wobblier.
  3. Poor Craftsmanship: This is one of the reasons for wobbling of the chair. When the chairs are made from the substandard material or from the poor Craftsmanship it will wobbly more quickly.

Easy Way To Fix Wobbly Chair Issue

The users can easily fix the wobbly of the chair by following the below-given ways or steps carefully:
  1. Labeling Each Part Of The Chair: The first thing that the user needs to do is to use the simple numbering or lettering method to label each and every part of the chair so that it will be easy to put them back at the right place.
  2. Carefully Take The Chair Apart: In this section, the user needs to carefully take apart all the parts of the chair, in case of the screw use the screwdriver or electric screwdriver, use the rubber mallet to tap the chair, this will help in disassembling the parts of the chair.
  3. Cleaning: After disassembling all the parts of the chair, now it's time to clean joints with the help of the sandpaper, this will help to remove all the old glue, as a result this helps the new glue to bind strongly, this is one of the important steps, in case this part is not done properly then the chair will wobbly again after some time.
  4. New Glue: Now its time to apply the new glue to the cleaned joints, apply the glue to the hole also with the help of the small paintbrush but remember to glue one section at a time and glue that part together.
  5. Wrap: In order to bind the chair parts strongly it is very important to use the straps or rope and wrap it tightly around the glued parts while wrapping the glued area, excess glue will come out simply clean that with the help of the rag.
  6. Dry: At last, allow the chair to dry for almost 24 hours before using it again.
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