Non Slip Polyurethane For Wood Stairs: Water & Oil-Based Non-Slip Polyurethane For Wood Stairs

Water & Oil-based Non-Slip Polyurethane Brands For Wood Stairs

There are two main points to remember when you are sanding and painting your hardwood floors & stairs: (1) The quality of the craftsmanship & (2) the quality of the polyurethane. Polyurethane is a thin layer or covering that gives your floor protection. When it comes to best endurance & durability, it is recommended to add 3 coats of polyurethane. The brand of polyurethane plays an important role in how your floors look & also how long they last. There are two main types of polyurethane: oil-based and water-borne poly. Some of the best water, as well as oil-based non-slip polyurethane products that you can apply on your floor and stairs, are described below. You can check these products or can purchase them from the online store amazon easily.

Best Water Based Polyurethane Brands

  1. Bona Traffic HD: Bona Traffic HD is, without any doubt, one of the best water-borne polyurethane available in the market. It has the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage and is regarded as a commercial-grade product, meaning it’s ideal for busy restaurants as well as retail stores, and will definitely hold up in your residential home. Bona Traffic is a little bit expensive, but it is worth it. This type of polyurethane product includes a hardener that you mix in, which in turn makes it very hard as well as long-lasting. It has a modern and luxurious appearance because it doesn’t have the yellow glow that you will find in oil-based polyurethane. And, in comparison to other types of water-borne polyies, it simply looks cleaner and more natural. Bona Traffic is the perfect product when it comes to gray & whitewash stains, as well as maple as it yellows the least compared to any other product. Additionally, Bona Traffic is the best environment-friendly product that has very low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), less than 150 as well as a low odor.

  2. StreetShoe Polyurethane: StreetShoe is the 2nd best alternative after bona traffic waterborne polyurethane. It was considered to be the gold standard & was being used as long as Bona Traffic came along. It’s a strong polyurethane whose durability is much longer as compared to all the virtually water-based polyurethanes in the market. StreetShoe Polyurethane is less expensive as compared to Bona Traffic and more than your basic polyurethanes due to the reason that it’s a higher-grade product.

  3. Bona Mega: Bona Mega is considered as a intermediate-grade waterborne polyurethane. This type of polyurethane is used by people who want to use water-borne poly, but they don't have a budget to afford Bona Traffic. It’s good water-borne poly which you can apply on your floor and stairs in order to make them less slippery. Typically, if you are getting a low price on refinishing using a water-borne poly, then it is highly possible that the installer is using inferior water-borne products.

Best Oil Based Polyurethane

  1. Duraseal Oil-based Polyurethane: Duraseal is the best type of polyurethane when it comes to using oil-based poly on your floor. Duraseal recently pieced together so it’s harder as well as has the best durability among oil-based polyurethanes. The best thing about this type of polyurethane is that it will not react or peel and it has low VOCs in comparison to other oil-based poly. You will get Duraseal in 5-gallon buckets or 1-gallon cans from the market or online store on amazon.

  2. Fabulon Oil-based Polyurethane: Fabulon is the second-best alternative after Duraseal oil-based poly. This type of polyurethane is also good to use on the floor in order to make it less slippery, and it’s also a good brand. But, it is highly recommended to go mostly for Duraseal polyurethane as it was found to be more superior.

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