Neem Wood Advantages: Pros And Cons

The neem tree is also known as margosa tree or Indian lilac and the scientific name of neem is azadirachta indica. The neem tree is mostly found in India. The neem tree is famous for its anti-bacterial properties. The neem tree leaves to use in a thousand types of medicine. The bark of neem can also cure diseases such as malaria. The neem is used to make wood furniture like chair, table, and sofas. The lifespan of neem tree is about 150-200 years. The neem wood is exported to many countries.

Advantages Of Neem Wood

Here are the advantages of neem wood:
  1. Color: The color of neem wood is reddish brown. The reddish brown color will give pleasing appearance to furniture.
  2. Durable: It is very durable than the type of wood. The neem wood does not split apart easily.
  3. Rough Grain: The neem wood has rough grain with interlocking fibers.
  4. Work: Working with neem wood is easy. The user can use handsaw or machine saw on it.
  5. Resistant: The neem wood is resistance of termites and wood borers and this is the main reason for the long life of the neem wood.

Disadvantages Of Neem Wood

Here are the disadvantages of neem wood:
  1. Weight: The neem wood is heavy than other wood typessuch as pine wood that makes it difficult to move.
  2. Damage: Large amount of water can damage the neem wood.
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