Natural Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

The natural wood is used to make many types of furniture like wooden chairs, sofas, table, and many more things. The natural wood is also used for cooking, landscaping, and energy and heat production.

Pros And Cons Of Natural Wood

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of natural wood:

Advantages Of Natural Wood

  1. Durable: The natural wood is so durable than the industrial wood-like engineered wood and also increase the value of wood over time.
  2. Beautiful: It is regarded as the beautiful wood because of its natural designs and shape.
  3. Resistant: The natural wood is highly water resistant and best to use as wood flooring in homes or in the heavy traffic foot areas.
  4. Style: The natural wood is used in various styles like luxurious, cozy, and classic. The natural wood made furniture looks great after they get painted or finished with types of paint.

Disadvantages Of Natural Wood

  1. Warping: The natural wood start warping because of temperature, age, and environmental humidity.
  2. Shrink: The possibility of shrinkage are also there. In order to avoid shrinkage use anti-shrinkage liquid on natural wood.
  3. Cost: The high cost is the main disadvantages of natural wood but the natural wood is easily available in the market.
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