Moving Large Furniture Around Tight Corners: Easy Tips To Move Big Furniture

Easy Tips To Move Big/Large Furniture Around Tight Corners

Moving the large furnishing items can be a hectic job but the users can follow some easy tips at home so as to move their large furnishing items around the tight corners. Tips are mentioned below:
  • Detaching The Legs And Cushions: While moving the sleeper sofa the users need to start by detaching its legs and also the cushions if they are having the removable ones. This will help the users to easily move the sofa through the doorway.
  • Detaching The Excess Weight: The users can also remove the excess weight in the inside areas of the furniture item like while moving the dresser they are advised to remove all of its drawers and if they are moving the bed they are advised to remove its mattresses and then kits head and footboard accordingly.
  • Using The Furniture Dollies Or The Cardboard: Both of them can also help in easy sliding of the furnishing item through the doorway and the cardboard does not take up any extra space so it is the ideal option to get used accordingly.
  • Taking The Help: While moving the couch the users are advised to take the help from another person so that the one person can easily hold the top of the couch while the other will carry the bottom of the couch as this helps in centering the total weight of the couch and also prevents the couch from swinging and getting out of the control as well. The users can also transport them easily as carrying the couch in this way will not match with the stairs slopes.
  • Hook The Chairs Around The Corners: The users can easily move any large chair by hooking the chair at the corners of the door and then turning the chair to its sides so that it will form the L shape and then first move the back of the chair through the door and then curl down the chair within the door so that it will get slipped out completely.
  • Using The Furniture Blankets: The user can wrap the oversized furnishing items in the furniture blankets so that its sharp edges won't dent the wall and will get easily passed through the doorway.
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