Most Expensive Wood For Furniture: Different Types Of Expensive Wood For Furniture Making

Different Types Of Expensive Wood For Furniture Making

The wood is mainly used in crafting the furnishing items as the wood furnishing items never go out of the fashion and the style as well. The wood items last for a longer period of time if they are maintained properly. The expensive wood items are also used to craft the ornamented pieces, windows, pencil, doors, and many other things. The oil is also extracted from some of the expensive woods and that can be used in making perfumes as well as some cosmetic items. Here are some of the most expensive wood types that can be used in crafting furnishing items:

Purple Heart Wood

This kind of wood is the most expensive type of wood that is present in the world and is specifically found in certain places in the South and Central America. This kind of wood is extracted from the Peltogyne tree that is rare of its kind. The flowers of this tree are white-colored and this type of wood is having the natural resistance towards the water and is extremely hard in nature. The purple wood often changes its color either to purple or to the dark brown color.


This type of wood is the most common wood type that is found in all areas of the world. This type of wood also produces the oil that is then used in making cosmetic items and some medicine as well. This kind of wood is also having religious belief and is used by the Hindus, Japanese, and the Chinese as well. The sandalwood is having a yellow color and is also having fine wood grains. Apart from all this, the sandalwood is extremely heavy but it also produces the pleasant smell that even lasts for a longer period of time.

African Blackwood

This type of wood is usually found in dry areas like Africa and Eritrea. This wood also belongs to the timber category and is also used in making the furnishing items and the musical instruments as well. This wood is having the beautiful wood grain and it does not require to get painted as it is having a beautiful appearance.

Agar Wood

This kind of wood is having dark adhesive heartwood and this wood is mainly found in the dense forests. This wood is light in weight and is smell less. If this wood gets infected with the mold then the aroma comes out from this wood and the agarwood becomes very dark and dense in nature.

Ebony Wood

This wood is also termed as the black-toned timer and is mainly found in Indonesia, Africa, and India. This type of wood is of the purest form of the hardwood and is very dense in nature and that is why it can easily sink into the water. This wood is having a black tone and is having a smooth texture. This wood is also used in crafting the chess sets, piano, violin, and the guitar as well.

Pink Ivorywood

The pink ivory wood is very rare and is mainly found in some areas of southern Africa. This kind of wood belongs to the category of the timber and is mainly used to craft the billiard cues and the handles of the knife. This wood is also having some medicinal use.
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