Mopping Wood Floors With Bleach: 5 Steps For Mopping

General Overview

The wood floor is a beautiful addition to give a different and perfect look to homes, offices, and shops. The wood floor are more durable than other flooring items, because the wood floor is made of natural wood and the life span of the wood floor is nearly 10- 50 years if cared properly. The wood floor can be easily damaged by moving heavy item directly on the floor and also with sharp things. Chances of dark stains are also there if the water remains on the floor for a long time.

Steps To Mop Wood Floors With Bleach

  1. Sweep: Before using the mopper on the wood floor, dust and dirt should be removed from the floor. Sweep the floor with a dry mop or with a broom. The vacuum cleaner will help the user to clean the wood floor. This is the first step for mopping the wood floors with bleach.
  2. Mix: Use water bucket to mix bleach and water in equal amount. Bleach and water mixture can be more helpful to remove minor stains or dirt from the wood floor.
  3. Mopping: Now dip a mopper in mixed solution then rub the floor until the minor stains, mildew or dirt is fully gone from the wood floor. Use this method for 1-2 times until the wood floor gets fully clean.
  4. Wipe: After mopping the wood floor, now wipe the wood floor with dry rag to remove any remaining moisture.
  5. Dry: Finally, let the wood floor air-dry completely.
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