Mold Under Vinyl Flooring: Steps To Remove Mold

Mold exists in the grooves of the vinyl flooring and damages the finish of the flooring. So it is important to clean the mold from the floor surface.

Steps To Remove The Mold From Vinyl Flooring

The steps are given below to remove the mold from vinyl flooring:
  1. Gather All Tools And Material: The first step is to collect all the material and tools like chlorine bleach, spray bottle, warm water, scrub brush, and towel that are required in removing the mold from the vinyl floor.
  2. Prepare Solution: Next step is to make a solution by combining the warm water and chlorine bleach. Then put some amount of the prepared mixture in a spray bottle.
  3. Spray The Solution: Then spray the prepared solution on the moldy area. Due to spraying the moldy area becomes wet and prevents the molds to fly in the air while cleaning.
  4. Remove Mold: Put the scrub brush into the cleaning solution and clean the mold from the vinyl floor. The users need to remove all the possible mold from the floor surface as the brush is having soft bristles and does not cause any scratch on the vinyl floor. Then take a clean towel and wipe the entire mold residue from the vinyl floor surface.
  5. Rinse The Floor: After removing all the mold from the vinyl floor, the users need to wash the vinyl floor with the help of warm water. If there exists any mold on the floor surface then repeat the same procedure.
  6. Mop The Floor: The last step is to take a mop and rub it on the vinyl floor to remove the water from the floor surface.
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