Mixing Wood Tones In Dining Room: 9 Easy & Creative Tips To Mix Wood Tones In Dining Room

9 Easy & Creative Tips To Mix Wood Tones In Dining Room

Nowadays, the furnishing stores and the catalogs show the matching furnishing items as they are selling that kind of item. In the dining room, the mixture of the various wood finishes will appear to be very stylish but this kind of process is not that much simple as it appears to be. In order to keep the minimal yet stylish look in the dining room the users need to follow the below-defined creative tips:

Tip I: Shop With The Home Samples

The users can easily make the beautiful mix of the finishes and for that, they need to start by looking at their home samples so that they can easily get a pleasant finish. With the pre-existing furnishing items, the users can easily order the small samples of the wood from their manufacturers, or they can also take the pictures of their wood finishes of the furnishing items and then examine it for the accuracy of the color.

Tip II: Compliment With Other Finishes

Once the users purchase their furnishing items from the physical store or any online store, then they need to be very sure that they take care of the color-matching scheme so as to avoid the mess. Mixing the different wood finishes can easily complement another finish in the dining room and will appear as the deliberate choice of the design.

Tip III: Determine The Undertones

If in case the users are not so sure about what kind of finishes will work together then they are advised to choose the items that are having the same color tone, also termed as an undertone. The wood finishes that are having the warm color tone appear red or the orange and the cool color tones are having the grayish cast. If in case the undertone appears like the beige then the wood might be having the neutral color. Usually, these kinds of tones are very versatile as the users can easily mix them with warm and cool wood finishes. If in case the users are having a problem while determining the finish of the wood then they are advised to focus the tone within the grain or the users can also find out the pieces from the other room so that it will appear as the individual shade. If in case the users wearing the shades then they need to take shades off in this process.

Tip IV: Keeping The Basic Element

Although the stains will not specifically match all the time, the wood items need to make sense. The users can solve this by being sure that all the pieces are having one element in common. The common element can be the shape, style and the period and the basic shape does not mean that they need to be of the same size instead it means that they should have clean lines.

Tip V: Add The Unifying Piece

If in case the users are not having the basic knowledge regarding the mixture of the wood finishes then they need to consider adding the piece with having many tones. The piece that is having all finishes of the wood and thus they need to tie up the different finishes with one another. The ideal options consist of the inlaid furniture and the contrasting pieces by having the large-sized cathedrals.

Tip VI: Mix Grain Patterns And The Sizes

The color is not the basic thing that determines the finish of the wood. The pattern of the grain and its size also matters. The pattern of the grain also refers to shapes and the strips that the users will notice in the wood item. The size of the grain pattern is the scale of the elements like the way the users mix up the patterns of the fabric and the scales so as to add the interest and thus the users need to mix the various grains of the wood.

Tip VII: Scatter The Close Finishes

When the users decorate the various finishes of the wood, they need to be very cautious regarding the proximity and the placement within the room. If in case the users use the dark wood finishes the room will appear to be very heavy and lopsided. The users need to scatter the wood finishes which are in close contact with the color in the room so as to create a balanced look.

Tip VIII: Line Up The Contrast

It is ideal to start mixing the wood finishes in a slow manner and thus the users need to mix with the light and the medium-toned wood finishes or the medium and the dark finishes. The users can also add various contrast when they are ready.

Tip IX: Select The Dominant Tone

The users can use the same amount of wood finishes and it will appear very boring if they use the unequal finish amount. The good amount will make a pleasing interest. The users need to select the wood tone that will act as the paramount finish. If the users choose all the dark tone then they won't be able to show the paramount tone.
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