Mineral Spirits On Hardwood Floors: Easy Steps To Clean

Easy Steps to Clean The Hardwood Floors With Mineral Spirits

The users can easily Clean The Hardwood Floors With Mineral Spirits by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Wear The Gloves And Mask: The users need to start by wearing rubber gloves and the mouth mask to prevent themselves from hazardous chemicals.
  2. Clean The Floor: Clean all the dust and the debris particles from the Hardwood Floors by using the vacuum or the soft brush as well.
  3. Use The Mineral Spirit And Rag: Pour a good amount of the mineral spirit on a soft rag and then rub it gently over the entire surface of the hardwood floor. The users are advised to rub the rag in the circular motion to attain back the natural look of the hardwood floor. Use a dry cloth and wipe away all the residue from the floor and then allow the hardwood floor to dry completely.
  4. Use The Mineral Spirit And Steel Wool: Pour the mineral spirit to the stained area on the hardwood floor and then use the steel wool and rub it over the stained spots on the hardwood floor. Once the stain is completely gone then they need to use the floor wax and apply it to the hardwood floor by using the soft rag. Let the floor to dry completely before walking over it.
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