Mimosa Outdoor Furniture: Burning Warehouse, Warranty

Mimosa Outdoor Furniture Phone Numbers

Mimosa Outdoor Furniture doesn't have any official phone number you can contact them through their "Contact Us" page by visiting the "Contact Us" section on their official website "www.mimosaoutdoors.com.au" or Click Here.

Where Can I Find Mimosa Outdoor Furniture?

You can purchase Mimosa Outdoor Furniture at your local Burning Warehouse stores. In order to find your nearby Burning Warehouse store click on Stores.

Warranty Information:

Mimosa Outdoor Furniture comes with the manufacturer's warranty of 12 months any claim during this period will be upon the company. Warranty covers defects in materials, workmanship and Finish under normal use. You will be provided with a refund or replacement under major failures and in case of small failures, the product will be repaired without charges. Warranty doesn't cover fading due to weather or any damage due to misuse or negligence.
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