Microfiber Vs Polyester Sofa: Differences Between The Microfiber And Polyester Furniture

Microfiber Vs Polyester Sofa Furniture

Here are some of the differences between the Microfiber Sofa and Polyester Sofa:

Microfiber Sofa

  1. Use Of Chemicals: The Microfiber sofa can be cleaned easily by using mild soap solution. The customers should not use any harsh chemicals on the microfiber couch as it can get damaged easily.
  2. Environmental Friendly: The Microfiber is eco-friendly as it is mainly a petroleum-based material and that is why it can be reused easily.
  3. Warmer: The Microfiber upholstery is much warmer than the leather and that is why the customers can comfortably rest on the microfiber sofas.
  4. Fade: The Microfiber does not get faded so easily even if placed in sunlight for a long time.

Polyester Sofa

  1. Use Of Chemicals: The Polyester sofas can be cleaned easily by using any heavy chemicals as the polyester fabric cannot get damaged by any type of harsh chemicals
  2. Environmental Friendly: The Polyester fabric is also eco friendly but it takes a long period of time to decompose.
  3. Warmer: The Polyester fabric is not that much warm as compared to other fabrics.
  4. Fade: The polyester fabric can get discolouration if placed in direct sunlight.
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