Microfiber Couch Vs Leather: Brief Overview

What Is The Difference Between Microfiber Couch And Leather?

Both microfiber and leather are widely being used in upholstery and offers durability and diverse choices. Both materials come in a number of styles. Here are some points that differentiate between microfiber and leather:
1.Cost: Affordable than leather couches or sofa.
2.Comfort: It depends on the quality of the microfibers used in the manufacturing of couches.
3.Durability: No doubt microfiber sofa comes with good endurance but not as much as leather.
4.Look And Feel: Microfiber and leather furniture pieces provide a different look and feel.
5.Allergy: The leather furniture is a better choice for individuals with allergic symptoms as it does not absorb the dust or other allergy causing elements.
6.Dye: Microfiber is the man-made item and can be dyed in numerous colors and textures. Whereas leather comes from the animal skin and scars and wrinkles can be there.
7.Pet-Friendly: Both leather and microfiber furniture pieces are good for the pets.
8.Flexibility: The microfiber is much more flexible and thin than that of the leather.
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