Metal Filing Cabinet Makeover: Step By Step Way To Makeover Metal File Cabinet

Step By Step Way & Items Required To Makeover The Metal Filing Cabinet

The users can easily makeover their metal filing cabinet at home by gathering the below-described materials and then following the below-mentioned step by step way:

Materials Required

  • Metal Filing Cabinet & 8 x 10 Picture Frames
  • Drill & Two Drawer Pulls
  • Chalk Paint & Rubber Gloves
  • Epoxy & Foam Paint Roller
  • Clear Wax & Soft Brushes

Step By Step Way

  • Detach The Drawer Pulls: Start by detaching the pulls of the old drawers from the metal filing cabinet.
  • Clean: Then they need to clean up all the dust and the debris particles from the entire surface of the metal filing cabinet by using the lint-free cloth.
  • Use The Painter's Tape: Then the users need to use the painter's tape and then wrap it all around the inner areas of the drawers and then lock so as to protect it from the paint drips respectively. By doing this the user will prepare the rest of the cabinet surface for applying the paint.
  • Apply The Chalk Paint: The users then need to choose the chalk paint of their desired choice and then apply the first coat of the chalk paint over the entire surface of the metal cabinet and then allow it to dry completely before applying the second coat.
  • Use The Frames: Then the user needs to dismantle the 8x10 frames so that they can add the decorative look to the cabinet front. Then use the same tone of the chalk paint and then apply it over these frames and allow the paint to get dried off completely.
  • Drill The Holes And Affix The Handles: Then the users need to drill down the two holes at the base and the top cabinet half so as to affix the handles of the drawers. Once the holes are drilled the users need to affix down the two stylish handles to the cabinet front and then after that they need to secure down the frames all around the drawer handles at the lower half and at the upper half by using the epoxy material.
  • Use The Wax: Once the users have finished up this job then they need to apply the layer of the clear wax by using the soft brush all over the surface of the metal cabinets and then allow it to dry completely before using this item again respectively.
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