Metal Drawer Slides Sticking: Best Solutions For Sticking & Lubricating Issues

Best Solutions For Sticking & Lubricating Issues On Metal Drawer Slides

If the drawer is sticking and is not sliding properly, that time remove it to determine where the problem is occurring. Pull the drawer completely out of the place and check the slides for any kind of issue. The user can check for the below solutions:

Loose Screw Or Incorrectly Positioned

There are a number of factors that is responsible for sticking drawer like loose runner screws or drawer wheels that are not correctly seated in the track. In case of a loose screw remove the drawer and then tighten the screw with the help of a screwdriver. And if a drawer seems incorrectly positioned on the runner, that time use a small putty knife to slide in between the drawer and the runner, tap it gently with a hammer. This will most of the time keep the drawer back into place.

Lubricating The Metal Drawer Slides

  1. Remove The Drawer: The first step is to remove the drawers from the slides & to do so pull it straight out to slide it off from the runners carefully. The user might have to lift the drawers up slightly at the end in order to fully detach it. To make this step easier empty the drawer, but if the user will not empty the drawer, then be very careful of its weight while pulling it out.
  2. Cleaning: For the cleaning purpose use a damp cloth to clean out an area that is to be lubricated. The user can wipe down one or both of the runners and then dry them. Before proceeding to the next step make sure that the runner's areas are clean and dry as much as possible.
  3. Lubricant: After the above step is done then its time for applying the lubricant on the runners. For the spray lubricant, simply hold the spray nozzle as close as possible to the slides. Spray the slides using short bursts so that the entire area is fully covered. If incase the lubricant is used in a squeeze bottle, that time make sure to coat the entire of the slides, particularly to the areas that make frequent contact with the drawer runners. At the same time clean up any of excess lubricant.
  4. Put The Drawer Back: Once the lubricating is done then place the drawers back on the runners. Open and close it to make sure it's working properly and the lubricant has covered the whole area


If the drawer slides are metal, that time the user can still use the lubricants that are recommended for wood drawers such as wax or tape, but the best would be to apply white lithium grease. Its also advisable not to use any of the harsh lubrication products, as they can damage the finish badly.
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