Melamine Vs Particle Board: Comparison Between

Comparison Between Particle Board & Melamine

Melamine is a product made with a combination of formaldehyde and an organic compound. Formaldehyde is a plastic material that is applied over the base panel. Melamine boards have consistent color and wood grain. Besides that, melamine has years of durability that makes it suited for the cabinet making. On the other hand, particleboard is a new type of engineered wood that is made by compressing sawdust, small chips, and glue to form a compound. It is becoming a popular choice for the construction of furniture such as cabinets. The comparison between Melamine & Particleboard as per their properties is given below;
  1. Durable: Particleboard is a low durable product that can last for about 2-3 years. Some of the manufacturer's say that the life of particleboard is 5 years that is also quite low. On the other hand, melamine is a commercially used product that comes with years of durability.
  2. Price: Melamine is a cost-effective product as it is priced quite low. On the other hand, particleboard has the advantage of being lower in cost compared to plywood or solid wood.
  3. Appearance: Melamine boards are available in a number of color & print options that gives the user a choice to select the boards as per his home decor. On the other hand, particle boards come in dull appearance and in order to enhance the appearance of particle boards, the user can apply veneer or laminate sheets over it that comes in a wide range of print & color options.
  4. Screw Holding: Melamine has a very low screw holding capacity especially when the doors are opened & closed, the screws will fall off within months. On the other hand, particleboards have more screw holding capacity compared to MDF that makes it suited for the screw assembled furniture.
  5. Weight: Melamine is a light-weight product that can de-laminate, splinter, chip, and break due to it being very thin. On the other hand, particleboards are also light-weighted & weak compared to plywood & several other types of engineered woods.

Conclusion: Both melamine & particle boards are quite similar to each other but if the user is looking to make a screw construction, it would be better to go with particleboard compared to melamine.
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