MDF Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

General Overview

The MDF or the Medium Density Fiberboard is built from the various small pieces of the wood fibres that are then mixed with the wax, resin and then are put under the extreme pressure. The MDF is usually much denser, stronger than the plywood although it is built from the various wood fibres bus still it can be used in the building materials. The MDF is quite in-expensive than the other hardwood materials and the MDF can be glued down easily. The MDF also takes the Paint or any other stain easily. The MDF is also very flexible in nature and that is why it is also used in building the cabinets.

Pros and Cons of the MDF Wood

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using MDF wood:


  1. Easy To Finish: The MDF can be finished easily and the MDF is having the smooth surface that is why it can be coated with the paint or the stain easily.
  2. Less Expensive: The MDF is less expensive than the other solid wood material and that is why it can fit to any ones budget.
  3. Easy To Recycle: It is built from various wood fibers and that can be recycled easily.
  4. Termite Resistant: This type of wood is having the high resistance towards the wood termites because the MDF contains the chemicals that are added to it during its manufacturing process.
  5. Easy To Cut: It can be shaped and cutted easily for making the more elaborated designs.


  1. Harmful Chemicals: During the cutting process of the MDF it releases the hazardous formaldehyde chemical that can cause the cancer, eye irritation and the breathing problems in the humans.
  2. Poor Water Resistance: If the MDF is left in water it can cause the warping of the MDF and that is why it is not ideal in making the furnishing products for the humid and the outdoor areas. The MDF wood easily absorbs the water.
  3. Weak: The MDF wood is weaker than the natural solid wood and that is why it can get splits and dents easily. The MDF is not ideal in crafting the heavy furnishing items.
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