MDF Vs Plywood Cabinets: Comparison Between The MDF & Plywood Cabinets

Comparison Between The MDF & Plywood Cabinets

Both types of wood are used for making the cabinets but both have their own benefits, the comparison between both of them on certain points are mentioned below:


MDF: MDF is more susceptible to moisture damages which includes swelling and delamination.
Plywood: It features the greater stability and better resistance to moisture. The Cabinets that are constructed from plywood has slightly higher quality than those made from MDF.


MDF: MDF has a smoother surface than plywood, that makes it the optimal choice for painted cabinets.
Plywood: It generally won't look smooth or polished when painted. However, it looks best when used with the veneer.


MDF: It emits the greatest amount of formaldehyde gas that is harmful to health.
Plywood: It emits very less Fumes than MDF.


MDF: It is best accepted for shelves and cabinet boxes.
Plywood: For the best quality cabinets, cabinet boxes, doors and drawers.
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