Mccann Furniture Solutions Accrington: Delivery, Address, Phone Number

What is their Delivery service and address, and Phone number

Mccann Furniture Solutions Company provides free delivery service over the order of £1000 in the mainland UK. The company uses its own accommodation to deliver the items. The company will add an extra delivery charge to the areas of central London. Once the order is placed the company will start processing about that and the customer will get an Email confirmation within the 2 hours of the placement of order and if in case you did not receive any Email confirmation then you must contact the company regarding this. The delivery team of the company will call the customer before the delivery and will arrange a suitable time frame accordingly

Contact Details
The customer can reach them at:
AddressRoyal Mill, Victoria St, Accrington BB5 0PG, UK.
Phone Number+44 1254 846539
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