Maundy Furniture Accrington: Overview, Address, Phone Number

Overview And Address, Phone Number Of The Stores

There are two main Maundy Furniture Stores in the Accrington area and they are given below:
  1. Maundy Furniture Store: They offer the household goods, furniture items, and electronic equipment at an affordable price. They are having amazing customer service.
    Address:33-35 Abbey St, Accrington BB5 1EN, UK.
    Phone Number:+44 1254 381637.
  2. Maundy Relief Furniture Store: They offer a wide range of second-hand furniture items, clothes, books and other home good accessories at a compatible price. They are selling the donated goods to raise money for children hospitals.
    Address22-24 Abbey St, Accrington BB5 1EB, UK
    Phone Number+44 1254 232328
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