Matte Finish On Hardwood Floors: Benefits Of Matte Finish

Benefits Of Matte Finish On Hardwood Floors

Matte Finish refers to a non-glossy finish that provides the hardwood floors a more natural appearance rather than a high-glossy finish that reflects a lot of light and gives hardwood floors a shiny or less natural appearance. Matte finish is becoming a popular trend among people nowadays due to its following benefits:
  1. Durability:
    Durability is something which the user always looks in his hardwood flooring. By using matte finish over the high traffic hardwood flooring, the user can surely increase its durability. Also, the matte finish doesn't show wear and scratches easily compared to a high gloss finish. It is necessary for the user to check the hardness of his flooring because matte finish is selected as per the hardness level to accentuate the durability of hardwood flooring.
  2. Trending:
    Nowadays, giving the homes a more natural and rustic look has become a trend. The users installing new hardwood flooring are looking for more natural hardwood flooring that can be created with matte finishes. After finishing hardwood floors with a matte finish, the user will get a luster of 25% or less which means the flooring will appear raw as if it is sliced fresh from the tree.
  3. Alternate Finish:
    If the user doesn't want dull and shiny flooring that can be created with matte and high gloss finish respectively, the user can switch to a satin finish. The next level after matte finish is the satin finish that neither provides a dull appearance nor a shiny appearance. Satin finish provides a little shiny appearance that looks quite similar to the matte finish.
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