Marble Crack Repair: 6 Easy Steps Of Repairing Cracks In Marble

6 Easy Steps Of Repairing Cracks In Marble

The marble flooring may appear strong but it can be breakable, specifically, if your subfloor that your marble is installed on, moves frequently or immeasurably. The result of shifting the subfloor will be a crack in your marble floor that not only mars the good looks of your marble floor but also may become a starting point for comprehensive cracking throughout with your floor surface. Making repairs to cracked your marble flooring is not a problematic process. The repair subsists primarily of filling any crack with colored grout so that the crack integrates with the rest of your flooring. If you are going to repair a crack in your marble flooring but you don't know the procedure then don't worry we are here to help you. Here are the six easy steps to fix this type of issue. Just follow all the given steps carefully:
  1. First of all, you need to remove any finish present on your marble neighboring the crack within a 2-inch perimeter with the help of a paint remover brushed onto your floor with a paintbrush. Allow the applied stripper to dwell on your marble floor surface, dissolving the finish for near about 5 minutes, then you need to wipe the applied stripper from your marble floor with the help of a clean cloth. Rinse off your floor surface by using a damp sponge and pat the surface dry.
  2. The next thing is to clear the crack of any remaining marble chips with the help of a nylon brush and then you need to remove any small bits of debris & dirt with the help of a vacuum. Wipe the marble floor cracked area by using a tack cloth to clear away all the dust.
  3. Now you need to mix a batch of your grout in your small bucket. Color your grout with an oil-based grout stain, intriguing the stain into your grout with the help of a wooden stirring stick to match either the color of your marble floor or the color of the veins running through your marble.
  4. Fill any crack with the help of a grout, pushing it firmly into place with the help of a putty knife until the grout is even with the surface of your marble floor. Distress across your floor surface of any crack to level out the patch. Remove any extra grout from your marble surface with the help of your damp sponge within at least 15 minutes of application. Wait at least 2 hours and wipe your marble surface with a clean lint-free cloth to remove any grout residue. Allow your applied grout to dry at least for an overnight.
  5. Examine your applied patch for any shrinkage. Press more grout into the crack to entire the fill if shrinkage occurs. Allow your new layer of applied grout to dry as well for the time praised by the manufacturer.
  6. Finally you need to seal the applied patched crack by brushing the cracked area with a layer of polyurethane by using a foam applicator. Allow the applied polyurethane 48 hours drying time before using your marble floor as normal.
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