Maple Wood Flooring Pros And Cons: Advantages And Disadvantages

Pros And Cons Of Maple Wood Flooring

Here are the pros and cons of maple wood flooring:

The Pros/Advantages Of Maple Flooring

  1. Looks Great: The look of maple wood flooring is too impressive, stylish and elegant look.
  2. Affordable: Too many grades of maple wood flooring are available in market. The maple wood flooring is not so expensive, so any one can afford it.
  3. Eco-friendly: The maple trees grows in short period of time and them maple wood flooring is more environmentally friendly choice than oak wood flooring.
  4. Durabilty: The durability is the main option to choose maple wood flooring for home, the maple wood flooring is the most durable and moist resistance. The lifespan of thicker planks of maple wood is nearly up to 40-80 years if cared properly.
  5. Easy To Clean And Maintain: The easy way to clean the maple wood flooring is to use soapy water and maintain the floor by regular cleaning routine like sweeping.

The Cons/Disadvantages Of Maple Flooring

  1. Scratches Easily: The maple wood flooring needs to treated with a protective coat, if the user didn't apply a protective coat on the floor then the scratches will be visible. Constantly walked, children’s playing with toys can be the main reason for the scratches.
  2. Discolors Over Time: After a short period of time, the maple floor starts discoloring because of the direct sunlight from doors and windows. In order to avoid damage, use curtains on windows.
  3. Sensitive To Heat Changes: Due to the changes of temperature and humidity, the maple floor can start warping and splitting.
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