Maple Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: General Overview, Pros And Cons

General Overview

Maple wood is one of the most preferred choices in the furniture industry as the wood offers unique properties of durability, beauty and staining feature. The maple wood has a naturally creamy texture with attractive grain patterns. There is an ample number of the maple wood species but most commonly used maple for furniture manufacturing including Hard Maple.
What Is Maple Hard Or Soft Wood?
The Maple comes in both soft and hardwood types. Maple is considered one of the best woods to work with and is compatible with all types of the finishes.

Advantages/ Pros

The maple wood comes with various advantages/ pros out of which some are mentioned below:
1.Furniture Making: The wood has awesome endurance and strength that is the reason it is widely used for making different types of furniture pieces.
2.Affordable: In comparison to other hardwoods maple is affordable option.
3.Staining: Maple is highly compatible with almost all types of the finishes as well as stains well.
4.Finish: The wood offers smooth and uniform finish.
5.Resistant To Scratches: Because of its hardness factor maple is resistant to scratches and lasts for long.
6.Versatile: Both hard and softwood varieties of maple are used for constructing projects including furniture, cabinets, buildings, etc.
7.Readily Available: The wood is available in the abundance.
8.Musical Instruments: Maple wood is widely used for making of different musical instruments as the wood have a capability to carry sound well.


Despite wide advantages of maple wood, it has few limitation/ cons too. Some of the disadvantages of the maple wood are mentioned below:
1.Weather Resistance: The wood lacks the resistance to weather and may get damaged with weather or humidity changes.
2.Cracks: The wood is prone to cracks.
3.Grain Variation: The wood comes with minimum grain variation.
4.Slow Growth: The maple wood trees take a long time to grow again and hence it is not an eco-friendly choice.
5.Sealing: To make staining look beautiful the maple needs properly sealed otherwise staining might look uneven.
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