Mamasan Vs Papasan Chair: General Overview, Pros & Cons

General Overview

Go through both the chairs, that is, Mamasan & Papasan Chairs mentioned below before moving towards the pros & cons of both the types of chairs:

Mamasan Chair

A mamasan chair, actually the relative of the Papasan chair, it is a type of chair having a rattan base and a removable cushion. Rattan, that looks a bit like bamboo, is bent into the curves and then tied in place for making a durable chair frame. The seat cushions on both the mamasan as well as Papasan are removable and replaceable. The mamasan is a Papasan loveseat or double Papasan, that is wider than a Papasan and has an oblong seating area. The cushions for both Mamasan as well as Papasan chairs are manufactured in many different colors or prints.

Papasan Chair

The Papasan chairs have a round cushion, which is a dish-like cushion frame with a short pedestal base. The frame and the pedestal are usually made of the rattan, but sometimes can also be constructed from wood or wicker. The cushion is very thick, which is covered in a sturdy fabric as well as stuffed with cotton.

Pros And Cons Of Mamasan & Papasan Chairs

Both the types of chairs, Mamasan & Papasan, have the same pros & cons which are mentioned below:


The base of the Papasan has a large circle that sits on the floor with a smaller circle at the top, that are connected by a series of vertical supports, the same is for the mamasan chair. The circles are open and are designed in a way that allows the user to shift the position of the frame as well as of the cushion. If the user wants to sit up, then the frame must be pushed back so that it will sit off-center in the base. Some of the people who prefer to curl up in a ball on the cushion may set the frame at the center on the base for purpose of total support from all sides. The cushion, as well as frame, are two separate pieces, which means that the cushion can be pulled off from the frame and can be used as a floor cushion or extra bed.


Although the frame of a Papasan and Mamasan chair may be positioned, the stability of the chair may be compromised as a result. When the Papasan frame is positioned for sitting, it will provide excellent support as long as the user doesn't move much. However, twisting or leaning the chair to the side could easily throw off the balance, making the tip of the frame off from the base. If the user positions the frame centered on the base, the chair is very much stable as long as they can get in it. The user must climb into the chair, but since the edges of both chairs are raised all around up, it can be very difficult to position without spilling down onto the floor.

Standing Up

When the user sits in a Papasan chair, they are essentially sitting on a nest with the bottom in the cavity of the frame of the chair and the legs hanging all over the edge. Some of the people's feet might not touch the ground. When the user sits with the bottom so much lower than the legs and the user's feet don't touch the ground, in that case standing up can be quite a difficult task. The user has to rely on the hands to push off from the frame, but pushing too much from one side could easily throw the frame off the balance.
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