Make Shaker Cabinet Doors: Easy Steps To Make Cabinet Doors

Easy Steps To Make Shaker Cabinet Doors

A shaker cabinet is a form of wood cabinets which are placed in the kitchen and used to store food or Utensil. The shaker cabinets can also be installed in the bathroom to keep useful things like soaps, shaving cream, razor, etc. The cabinet doors get damaged or stained within a short period of time that needs to be replaced immediately. If the user wishes, he can make his own shaker cabinet doors and for that, he just needs to follow certain steps. Here are some of the easy and simple steps to make the cabinet door, just follow the given steps carefully.
  1. Measurement: The first step to make the shaker cabinet doors is to measure the size of the wood cabinets with measuring tape. Take the perfect size to start the work.
  2. Material: Choose the material that will be best suited for making the shaker cabinet doors. The pinewood is the best option when it comes to selecting the type of wood. The life span of pinewood is up to 15-20 years.
  3. Cut: Cut the wood according to the taken size of cabinets. Use a jigsaw or electric cutter for easy and quickly cutting the wood.
  4. Frame: Now make a frame of cut wood according to the wood cabinets and make holes for handles and also for screws and other things. Apply wood glue on the door frames and let the doors dry for nearly 7-8 hours.
  5. Assemble: Now it is time to assemble the doors and fix all handles and other things of shaker cabinets doors. Also, fix the screw on shaker cabinets wood doors with a screwdriver.
  6. Stain: Apply some stain on shaker cabinets door with a paintbrush and let the stain dry for 9-10 hours before applying another coat of wood stain.
  7. Paint: Choose the best paint for the shaker cabinets. Oil-based latex paint is best to use. Start painting the doors with a paintbrush or with a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer can easily cover the corners of cabinets doors.
  8. Dry: Let the doors dry directly in sunlight. Also, leave the fan open at full speed to get the faster results of drying the shaker cabinet doors. The drying process of cabinets doors will take up to 15-20 hours to dry completely.
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