Mahogany Vs Acacia Outdoor Furniture: Benefits


To differentiate between Mahogany and Acacia Outdoor Furniture is not an easy task because both the furniture are made with good quality wood, but here are some of the Benefits of both the outdoor furniture:


Mahogany wood is known as one of the best wood for making fine furniture, it has so many valuable features like
  • Durability: It is Durable and can be carved into any shape and has a deep rich colour.
  • Bonding: It bonds solidly with the manufactured products.
  • Raw Product: Solid lumber is a raw product which is derived from Mahogany wood and is used for making expense furniture.


Acacia is another wood that is famous for furniture making because of its quality features like
  • Durability: Acacia is durable hardwood that can withstand with any elements.
  • Moisture Content: Acacia wood has a moisture content of 12% that means it will not shrink.
  • Uses: Acacia wood is often used in outdoor furniture making and boat building.
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