Macys Furniture Delivery: Fee, Schedule, Status And Customer Service Detail

What Is The Delivery Process Of Macys Furniture?

The usual time course for shipping from the fulfillment center of Macy's furniture is 1-2 days only and customers will receive their orders within 4-13 business days after their order. For international delivery, from the US to abroad if the purchaser wants to pay in US dollars then they have to pay through US credit card. From abroad to USA for online order, you must have US credit card billing address and for US military addresses make an order at US Site: but an international billing address for US orders can be placed on the phone. For back-ordered, shipping time more than 30 days or changed twice purchaser will be guided with a detailed email. Delivery method will be done on the selected method.

Ways For Connecting With Macys Furniture Delivery

From Abroad To US Orders Call On: (IDD #)+1-513-573-7912.
Customer Service Number Of Macy: (1-800-289-6229)
Head Office Number: (847) 706-6000.
Credit Service Telephone Number: 1.888.257.6757.
Query Of Furniture Sales: 1.800.456.2297.
Issues Related To Matresses Sales: 1.800.622.9233.
For Wedding And Gift Registry: 1.800.568.8865.
For Credit Card Or More Details: Visit Contact Us Page Of Macys to get more info like credit card or other.
For Sending Text/email To Macys: You can send Email/text to macys at this described site.
To Find Store Locations Of Macys: To Search A Location of Macys visit the website.
Trading Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10.00 AM to 9.00 PM, Sunday: 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

What Is The Delivery Charges And How To Schedule The Delivery?

Delivery Fee

For recliners and occasional tables, the fee starts from $65.00/per piece to $200.00 for 6 or more pieces. For furniture sets, Outdoor and Patio Furniture and furniture, the minimum fees for delivery is $99.00 which goes highest up to $200.00. Optional furniture pieces including storage, bookcases, dining chairs, etc are charged with an additional fee of $31.00. The Macy's chart for delivery charges is for customers that reside in normal delivery areas of Macy's.


If you need to schedule or reschedule the delivery of your furniture or mattresses you need to mention your sales check number without any spaces or dashes on Macys furniture delivery schedule page. Below the sales check number, you also require to mention your primary phone number or last name. keep it in your mind that your sales check number must be of eight digits and if you have few digits only add zeros before the first starting number unless it will become a total of eight digits.

Status/Macys Furniture Delivery Customer Service

The details about delivery status information are provided a day before the date of delivery gives time window data like driver ETA, items, etc. For a proper check of status, you need to mention the sales check number of delivery items. At the Macys delivery status page, a full form will appear before you in which you have to mention the correct details like a sales check number, phone number or first name, last name, and phone number. The customer service number for delivery is (1-800-289-6229).
Note: The customer can return their item to Macy's within a given period of 180 days if you are not fully satisfied.
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