Luxury Vinyl Flooring Pros And Cons: General Overview, Advantages And Disadvantages

General Overview

Luxury Wood Vinyl flooring is the most used flooring substitute for the hardwood flooring because of its hardness and variety of choices. Another reason of popularity of this flooring is its cost-effectiveness, beauty, and modern designs and styles. The flooring offers exact hardwood matching look in budget rates. Moreover, luxury vinyl flooring is also concerned as the most stable and durable flooring option to choose from.
Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Better Option For The High Traffic Areas?
Yes, since the flooring comes with outstanding endurance and has high resistant to the scratches this is the best option for the places with high traffic. Additionally, the flooring requires little maintenance and is easy to clean.


The main advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring are mentioned below:
  1. Cost Effective: The luxury vinyl flooring is the affordable way to get hardwood flooring look.
  2. Variety: The flooring is available in limitless colors, choices, and designs.
  3. Installation: Extremely easy to install as the planks fit finely and get attached with each other with ease.
  4. Durability: The flooring comes with exceptional durability and lasts long.
  5. Scratch Resistant: The flooring come with ideal scratch resistance and is perfect for bathroom and kitchen areas.
  6. Easy Maintenance: The luxury vinyl flooring can be easily maintained by normal daily cleaning processes like a vacuum and soapy water washing. The flooring does not need any waxing, sealing or refinishing.
  7. Comfortable: The flooring is truly comfortable and provides tremendous compatibility to the central heating systems.

Disadvantages/ Cons

With lots of advantages, the flooring does have a few disadvantages as well and some of them are given below:
  1. Health Risks: The luxury Vinyl flooring emits VOC gases that are not good for health especially for the individuals prone to allergies. However, the smell disappears after the use of ten or above days.
  2. Wheel Chairs: Not wheelchair friendly, since they are not glued.
  3. Fading: Constant approach to the sun may result in the color fading.
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