Lorenzo Furniture: Store Locations In Malaysia, Singapore With Warranty Details

General Overview, Warranty, And Exchange/Return Policy

Lorenzo Furniture is a lifestyle furniture retailer offering a wide range of branded products for Living room, dining room, entryway & storage along with accent furniture products and a separate selection of Sofas. They have store locations in Singapore, Malaysia & Taiwan.
Warranty Information
The company offers a limited warranty on all its products from manufacturing goods excluding tables & Wooden items. Also, they are not responsible for the damages on leather goods and don't hold any warranty on leather products & clearance items. They offer 5 years of warranty on structure, 1-year warranty on mechanism, and 1-year warranty on leather stitches. The warranty doesn't include normal wear & tear, damage caused by mishandling or color fading by sunlight.
Who To Contact Regarding Warranty Claim?
Lorenzo Furniture has two service center locations in Malaysia & Singapore to which the customer can contact regarding warranty claim. The service center locations & their Contacts are mentioned below:
  1. Singapore:
    • Telephone Number: +65 6748 1551.
    • Email Support: Aftersales@lorenzo-international.com.
    • Fax Number: +65 6846 0770.
    • Working Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.
  2. Malaysia:
    • Telephone Number: +603 6140 1800.
    • Email Support: My.service@lorenzo-international.com.
    • Fax Number: +603 6140 1835/45.
    • Working Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.

Note: For warranty claim, the customer is required to provide Warranty Card Number, Damage Details, and Contact Information.

Exchange & Returns Policy
The customer can return the faulty or defective items within the 7 days from the date of delivery for exchange or replacement. Lorenzo Furniture will not accept the goods that have been misused, damaged, or have been altered. Apart from that, if the customer receives the product damaged at the time of delivery, he needs to make a complaint about it immediately because they don't entertain late complaints regarding damage.

How To Contact, Head Office & Store Locations In Malaysia & Singapore?

Head Office
  • Corporate Address: The Lorenzo Furniture head office located at 23 Neythal Road Blk B #04-03 Singapore 628588.
  • Phone Number: The head office phone number is (65) 6748 1551.
  • Fax Number: Same as Above.
  • Email Service Support: They can be contacted via email on Corporate@lorenzo-international.com.

Malaysia Store Locations
In Malaysia, Lorenzo Furniture has many store locations and in order to get the information of all the stores along with their contact details, simply visit Lorenzo Furniture Malaysia Stores page. Also, they have several inquiry numbers which the customer will require in order to get in touch with various service support departments and the numbers are available on their Contacts page.

Lorenzo Furniture also has many store locations In Singapore and the customer will get the information of all the stores along with their contact details by visiting Lorenzo Furniture Singapore Stores page. Apart from that, they have various inquiry numbers for customer service support available on their Contacts page.
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