Linoleum Vs Vinyl Vs Laminate: Difference Between

Comparison Between Linoleum, Vinyl & Laminate Flooring

Laminate and Vinyl are very popular choices among people as they replicate the look of real wood. Over time, linoleum is also gaining popularity and in order to select the better choice among Linoleum, vinyl, and laminate, the user needs to go through the below-given comparison;


Linoleum: Consists of biodegradable raw materials such as linseed oil, tree resin, cork flour, and wood. Due to the updated manufacturing process, linoleum flooring can be purchased in several styles, shapes, and colors. Besides that, linoleum can be purchased in tiles as well as sheets.
Laminate: Consists of a composite wood base made of natural materials like plastic and resin. The layer beneath the resin imitates real wood. Besides that, linoleum can be purchased in planks with interlocking edges that fit together during the installation process.
Vinyl: Consists of 100% plastic having printed picture over the top layer that imitates real wood. It is quite thinner than laminate and can be purchased in tiles as well as sheets.


Linoleum: Flooring gives the cushioning effect while walked on due to the use of versatility cork. The stiffness level of linoleum is more compared to vinyl and can last for about 25 years with proper care & maintenance.
Laminate: Comes with mediocre durability that depends upon the grade level of the product. The durability starts from 10 years and it can go up to 20 years with a higher grade level product. Laminate is susceptible to moisture and foot traffic wear.
Vinyl: It is resistant to high foot traffic that makes it popular among people having pets or kids. Once the vinyl flooring is installed properly, it becomes resistant to water as well due to which it can be used at kitchen & bathroom. The average durability of vinyl flooring lasts between 10 - 20 years.


Linoleum: Flooring costs around $2 - $5 per square foot. The price of linoleum flooring varies as per its thickness level.
Laminate: Flooring is quite expensive than linoleum & vinyl even it is considered as a cheap flooring. A decent quality laminate price starts at $2 per square foot and it can go up to $8 per square foot.
Vinyl: It is an inexpensive option among three as standard vinyl sheet costs less than a dollar and can go up to $2 or $3 dollars.
Note: A separate charge will be asked for the installation of all these flooring types.


Linoleum, Vinyl & Laminate are manufactured and designed to look similar to anything but the flooring with never give the appearance of the real thing.
Linoleum: It is made of organic materials having a variety of styles, designs, and colors available. The pigments go down the entire flooring tile or sheet so the user doesn't need to worry about scratching the surface and have nothing underneath to look at.
Laminate: The Laminate flooring give the most like hardwood appearance but still have a major difference in appearance. The quality laminate planks will improve the image quality of the product as well making it quite imitate with real wood.
Vinyl: Its flooring sheets and tiles are made with repetitive patterns similar to linoleum flooring. The color of vinyl can fade when scratches and it is directly facing the sunlight. Besides that, the surface layer of vinyl can be easily broken.


If the user is looking to buy the flooring for durability, he can go with Linoleum. If he is looking to buy inexpensive flooring than Vinyl is the best choice. For wood-like appearance flooring, the user can go with Laminate.
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