Linoleum Flooring Pros And Cons: Advantages And Disadvantages

General Overview

Nowadays Linoleum, as a flooring option is on the peak and people, are looking for this flooring because of its endurance and look. Moreover, it is also considered the eco - friendly flooring option. The flooring comes in an ample number of the styles, colors, and patterns that make it the first choice of the flooring lovers. Since the flooring is made up of the resilient material it feels more comfortable for walking around and also offers the cushioning effect. The flooring is constructed from renewable materials including cork powder and linseed oil.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Linoleum Flooring

The various advantages and disadvantages of linoleum flooring are mentioned below:


1.Durability: The flooring comes with the ultimate durability and can last up to forty years if taken care of properly.
2.Eco- Friendly: Since the Linoleum flooring is constructed from renewable materials, it is one of the best eco-friendly flooring options.
3.Harmless/ Safe: The flooring is free from the harmful linseed odor and is safe to use.
4.Beautiful: Since the pigments are widespread through the flooring and are not only confined to the surface it looks beautiful and scratches free all the time.
5.Minimum Maintenance: The Linoleum Flooring does not require much maintenance and can be cleaned simply by regular moping and sweeping.


1.Prone To Dents: The high heels, furniture legs can cause immediate dents in the floor.
2.Sharp Objects: The contact of the sharp object will result in the cutting of the linoleum flooring.
3.Direct Sunlight: Direct exposure to the sunlight will damage the Linoleum Flooring by turning it into the darken or yellowish color.
4.Moisture: The flooring can get damaged by the moisture content and is not recommended for the bathroom or laundry room areas.
5.Humidity: The flooring is not suited to the areas with high humidity.
6.Slippery: The new Linoleum Flooring comes with a waxed surface that can prove slippery.
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