Lice Spray For Furniture: Brief Overview

General Overview

The best way on how to make and use the lice spray for the furniture is mentioned below:


  1. Remove: First of all, remove all the covers from the furniture and should be properly cleaned, in case they are machine washable-wash them in washing machine otherwise give them a dry cleaners wash.
  2. Machine Washable Items: Keep the machine washable item for 360 minutes in the dryers, once the drying is complete set the machine setting to hot then wash for a complete recycle.
  3. Lice Disinfectant: Then the user can Buy or make a lice disinfectant spray that is specifically formulated for furniture as well as for bedding.
  4. Vacuum: Then vacuum all the pieces including the mattress, after vacuuming empty the vacuum cleaners garbage bag in an outside garbage can. Continue the vacuuming process for the next 3 days until it sucks all the lice.


  1. Mix: Make an anti-lice solution using bleach, this solution is best for the furniture that will not be damaged by the bleach, simply Pour 1 ounce of bleach into the empty spray bottle and then Add 10 ounces of clean hot water to the spray bottle, mix well. Fill another spray bottle with hot water that will be used to rinse the bleach solution from the furniture.
  2. Natural Oils: Other solution can be made from the natural oils that will not harm the fibers, mix 3 tablespoons of the natural oil like coconut carrier oil, tea tree essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, etc. In a spray bottle add little water to thin the solution.
  3. Traditional: In case the user don't want to make the lice spray then they can buy the traditional or natural spray.


  1. Spray: Hold the spray bottle over the furniture. Begin with spray the furniture at the location that is not easy to see like back, underneath the leg. Then leave it for 30 minutes to see that will not discolor the furniture if it does then go for an alternative solution. Saturate the whole furniture with the solution to kill the lice and eggs.
  2. Dry: Then allow the solution to dry and then vacuum it again.
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