Leather Vs Fabric Sofa: Comparison

Comparison Between Leather & Fabric Sofa

An upholstery sofa can either be made of leather or fabric. If the user is looking to purchase a new sofa but he is unable to decide between leather & fabric, it would be better to take the below-given comparison into consideration before making a selection;
  1. Comfort Level: In order to determine the comfort level of a sofa, the support system and a type of textile used in it play a huge role. The fabric sofas are more comfortable compared to the leather sofas due to the reason that fabric is warmer and softer material than leather. Besides that, leather sofa heats up faster than fabric and the user can feel warm after sitting over it.
  2. Color & Pattern Options: Leather sofas are available in limited color options whereas fabric sofas are available in unlimited color, pattern, and texture options. The unlimited options give the fabric sofa an advantage over leather as it can match with any existing home decor.
  3. Color Durability: Fabric sofas might be available in unlimited color & pattern options but the color tends to fade over time, due to excessive usage or frequent washing. On the other hand, the color of the leather sofa is more durable.
  4. Maintenance: Leather sofas are vulnerable to humidity & scratches that make the sofas unfriendly for pets. In order to clean leather sofas, a slight dusting and vacuuming are required along with a leather softening product to prevent the sofa from forming cracks whereas the lifespan of fabric sofas in terms of wear & tear depends upon the quality of material as premium quality material sofas last longer than normal. Also, premium quality fabric sofas have stain-resistant finish with which the unfortunate stains can be wiped easily. Besides that, the cleaning products for fabric are available widely at affordable prices.
  5. Cost: The prices of premium quality fabric sofas & leather sofas are quite similar but when a leather sofa is compared with a normal fabric sofa, its price is quite high. It has been recommended to compare prices along with features before making a selection.
  6. Appearance: Leather sofas provide an elegance that can never be matched by fabric sofas. On the other hand, fabric sofas are available in a number of designs & hues that can provide a contemporary look to any home.
  7. Safety: If a person is allergic, he needs to select a leather sofa as all the leather sofas are hypoallergenic whereas fabric sofas accumulate pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens easily.

Note: As per the comparison, both leather & fabric sofas have advantages as well as disadvantages so we left it to the user whether he select the durable leather sofa or a comfortable fabric sofa.
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