Leather Furniture Advantages: Pros & Disadvantages

Brief Overview

The leather is a resilient and long lasting natural material that is used in many upholstered furniture products like sofas, chairs, loveseats, etc. The leather is obtained from the cowhide and is grouped into three categories that are aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented. The Aniline type of leather is very costly and gives a natural look to the furniture. It has less resistivity in removing colored patches from the leather furniture products. Semi-aniline leather is dyed in a translucent way so that some characteristics retain in the leather. Pigmented type of leather is cheap and has long-lasting durability. It has an opaque coating which makes the furniture products look attractive.
Which Leather Is Best For Sofa?
Semi-aniline leather is best for sofas because the surface of semi-aniline leather is lightly coated.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Leather Furniture


The benefits of leather furniture are mentioned below:
Quality: The leather used in furniture products provides a wonderful look. The leather furniture strengthens with time and it is resistant from breaking or sagging.
Comfort: The leather furniture is comfortable that becomes softer and flexible with age.
Appearance: If the leather is dyed the color is absorbed by the leather and the leather retains its color and brightness.
Durability: The leather furniture products are flexible and resistant from natural damage. So the leather furniture products last for a longer time. The leather furniture products are cleaned with a damp cloth.


The disadvantages of leather furniture are:
Temperature: The leather furniture products are sensitive to temperature that is in summer it provides warmth and in winter it provides coldness.
Cost: The leather furniture products are very costly due to its flexibility and durability.
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