Leather Couch Tear Repair: Steps To Fix The Tear In Leather Couch

Steps To Fix The Tear In Leather Couch

The method to repair the leather couch tear is mentioned below:
  1. Sub Patch: First of all, begin with cutting the piece of sub-patch, for the patch using any strong, flexible mending fabric, or even a piece of leather or vinyl.
  2. Insert: Now insert the patch beneath the hole with the help of the tweezers and carefully flatten out the folds. The sub-patch should completely cover the hole.
  3. Glue: Then glue the sub-patch to the leather with the help of the large needle or toothpick, after that Spread the glue in a very thin layer in every place where the leather is in contact with the sub-patch. With the help of the paper towel wipe away any excess glue.
  4. Weigh Down The Tear: Now gently weigh down tear with a heavy book and apply the even firm pressure to the entire area.
  5. Clean The Area: Now clean the area with the Lightly dampen rag and leather cleaner then gently clean the damaged area, and Trim away any loose fibers around the edge of the damaged area.
  6. Apply Leather Filler: Now apply the small amount using a palette knife to spread a small amount of leather filler into the gap and scrape away excess glue.
  7. Dry: Then wait for the filler to completely dry, once dried the user should be able to press the area without feeling squishy.
  8. Dye: Once dried then dye the repaired area, use the same color to dye with the help of the sponge, once the area is fully covered then wait for it to dry completely.
  9. Finish: At last apply the leather finish.
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