Leather Couch Cracking And Peeling: Steps To Repair Cracked & Peeling Leather Couch

General Overview

The leather couch starts to crack and peel when it dries. So it is important to maintain and moisturize the leather. The high humidity levels can cause the leather to lose flexibility and moisture. So, keep the leather couch in low humidity area. The leather couches crack and peel when it is cleaned by the cleaning products that contain chemical and solvents. The baby wipes can also damage the leather couch. Bonded leather and fake leather can easily crack and peel as these are poor quality leathers.

Steps To Repair Cracked & Peeling Leather Couch

The steps are mentioned below to repair cracked and peeling leather couch:
  1. Remove Dust: The first step is to remove all the dust particles from the leather couch by using a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Clean The Leather Couch: Then apply leather upholstery cleaner on the leather couch to deep clean it. Wait for a few minutes then remove the solution by using a wet clean cloth. Wait until the leather couch completely dries then go to the next step.
  3. Apply The Repair Filler: Then next step is to apply leather filler in the cracked areas and leave it to dry. Use sandpaper to make the surface of the leather couch smooth and clean the sanded area.
  4. Apply The Dye: Now apply matching dye on the affected area of the leather couch until it soaks completely in the cracked area and then allow the dye to dry.
  5. Apply Leather Protector: At last, apply leather protector on the leather couch.
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