Laying Laminate Flooring Direction: Simple Steps To Lay

General Overview

In most cases, laying the laminate flooring direction is completely dependent on the type of the installation method it has that means if the installation of the laminate flooring requires glue down method then the direction of the flooring must be done from the wall facing the entrance. Similarly, in the case of the nail down method, the direction must be parallel to the floor joist. At present, the laminate flooring comes with the "click-and-fold" method and does not need any specific direction for laying and can be laid in any direction with ease.

Simple Steps To Lay Laminate Flooring In Proper Direction

Simple steps to lay the laminate flooring in proper direction are mentioned below:
1.Click-together Flooring: The best direction to lay the laminate click-together flooring is to start from the main source of the light that enters the room this will make the flooring more alluring and enhance its beauty during the daylight.
2.Passageway Flooring: This type of flooring must be installed in the passageway direction. For this using steel measuring tape to get the exact dimensions in terms of the width. Once the exact measurement is done make sure to divide the number using the width of the single floorboard. Follow up by dividing the fractional amount left over with the number 2 to get the exact dimensions.
3.Long And Narrow Spaces: Installation of the laminate flooring in long and narrow spaces must be in the direction parallel to the longest wall. The width dimension of the first and last row must be measured in the same way as done in step 2.
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