Larch Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros And Cons

General Overview

Larch wood trees are mostly grown in the alpine forests and are considered high-quality wood. It comes with high resistance to weather. The wood comes in a beautiful reddish-brown color. Its wonderful durability and strength make it an ideal option for the areas that are exposed to high traffic. The larch wood is naturally resistant to the moisture and because of this feature, it is highly utilized in the manufacturing of boats and bridges.

Pros And Cons Of The Larch Wood Furniture

The various pros and or advantages and disadvantages of the larch wood are mentioned below.

Pros/ Advantages

The advantages/Pros of the Larch wood are mentioned below;
  1. Reasonable: Despite the high quality the wood is reasonably priced.
  2. Insect Resistant: The larch wood does not get affected by the insects.
  3. Resistance: Larch offers magnificent resistance to the moisture as well as weather.
  4. Appealing: The wood offers elegant golden color along with the alluring grain pattern.
  5. Fire Resistance: The larch offers superb fire resistance.
  6. Healing Properties: The individual ling in homes made with larch wood does not get affected by the symptoms like migraine, BP, Cold, and Neurosis.
  7. Appearance: The wood has a beautiful appearance with similarities like oak and ash wood.
  8. Variety: The wood comes with twelve color varieties.
  9. Knots/Defects: The larch is free from the things like knots another type of the defects.
  10. Interior Design: Due to its superb look the wood is widely used for the high quality and matchless interior design.

Disadvantages/ Cons

The disadvantages or cons of the larch woood are mentined as below.
  1. Turn: Some weather conditions make the wood to turn.
  2. Rotation: Absence of the rotation make the wood hard to work with.
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