Laminate Wood Flooring Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros & Cons

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laminate Wood Flooring


  1. Moisture Resistant: The laminate wood flooring material is moisture resistant. So, this flooring material is installed in the moderately wet areas such as kitchen, powder room, etc. The laminate wood resists moisture until the floorboards are fixed with each other.
  2. Installation: This wood flooring material is easy and can be installed quickly. The laminate floors have a click and lock design which helps the user to install the planks by fitting them with each other. These planks are soft particleboards that can be cut easily with hand saw or utility knife.
  3. Cleaning: The laminate wood material can be cleaned easily with the help of broom or vacuum cleaner. These floors can also be cleaned by slightly dampening the mop with floor cleaner.
  4. Durability: The laminate floors are highly durable and is waterproof from scratches and dents.


  1. Remove Excess Water: While cleaning the users need to remove the extra moisture from the floor surface before it seeps into the boards. If the water seeps into the seams, it may cause the boards to swell.
  2. Can Be Broken Easily: Laminated wood material is fragile and hence it can easily cut into the pieces.
  3. Toxic: The laminate wood material is toxic in nature as it releases the organic compounds like formaldehyde.
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